Finally for our issue of Celestial Toyroom we discuss the time legendary Liverpudlian stand-up Ken Dodd appeared in Doctor Who alongside the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy.

This actually grew out of a question-and-answer session with McCoy that had taken place at that year’s Regenerations convention in Swansea.  Erica had dared me to ask, “Sylvester, during your career you’ve done some unusual and dangerous and downright insane things.  Did you ever try to get a drink out of Ken Dodd?”

Sylvester’s known for being a gag man, but he gave the flippant question a far better answer than it deserved, referring to the noted meanness of Northern / Welsh comics – like Arthur Askey or Tommy Cooper – and explaining that they grew up in a level of poverty that these days, post-welfare state, most of us happily cannot imagine.  Consequently, he argued, they had a real terror of poverty that they never outgrew.

Thought  I ought to share that as well.  The text of the article is in this handy location for ease of reading.


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