We’ve met the enemy, and he
Is us; five decades of strife now
Washed away, and finally
We know why heaven fell, and how.

The left was wrong; the one percent
In their greed have harmed us little
Even though their argument
Spews, bedewed with toxic spittle,

From chippy orange cunts and arse-
Licking Tory toadies and fuck-
Faced media magnates whose sparse
Hearts don’t beat for folk down on luck.

Instead, it seems, the West’s gestalt
Hybrid mind where the pollster delves
Considers no-one rich at fault;
Like emo kids, we harm ourselves

And each other, turn on allies
And devour, and now our fabled
Tolerance means we despise
Honest judges, rudely labelled

Enemies of the people, for
Halting a May dictatorship;
Past St George’s Hall on tour
Swastikas show us in the grip

Of fascists sympathies our grand
Parents would have despaired to hear;
Five percent Islamic, our land
Is hardly drowned in Sharia

But papers spit more hate for those
Who follow “that Muslamic law”
Than people who, knowing, chose
To bedroom tax the poorest poor

Where is the righteous ire?  Where wrath?
Where burning effigies, where these
Angered who blame leaders’ sloth?
All tweeting bile at refugees.

This dying outpour of the West
Like stagnant water from the spigot.
We’re everything Daesh loathes best
Scratch your neighbour; find a bigot.

Show me a polling booth, you’ll see
That I run screaming from it;
This is the year democracy
Choked to death on its own vomit.