I’m a huge fan of Robin Ince, the stand-up comedian.  I’ve even met him a few times, at Edinburgh and the like, and he comes across as a really sound guy.  So when my friend Jon suggested we trot down to the Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank and check out some science-related things, I was thrilled to see that Mr Ince’s radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage was recording there.  I even had a pretext for talking to him…

Imagine my disappointment when they turned out to be recording on the wrong day. I’d hoped to talk to Robin about the new book he’s co-edited, Dead Funny Encore, so that I could publish an interview on The Slaughtered Bird, thus brown-nosing them while schmoozing with a brilliant comedian at the same time.


Still, I put a brave face on it and went along.  We had a good day, though I got sunburned beyond the dreams of avarice – I’ve always burned easily, but somehow I never quite manage to believe that it’s possible in England.  Come seven o’clock, as French band Air were rambling onto the stage to play a selection from their classic 2005 album This Button Goes Beep, I spied a familiar figure chatting animatedly in the middle of the crowd…

So the Inceterview came to pass after all, and it’s available here, written down in all words with spellings.


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