Spidery Writing


Today’s writing group at Spider produced two short stories.

The first, Paradox, was on the orders to write about something that was both very weak and very strong, or someone very fierce and very cowardly, or something of that nature.  One thing shot to mind instantly, and it wasn’t so much a question of trying to write the story as just scrawling it all down before the twenty minutes were up.

The second was produced by random idea generation.  Our group leader, Gerry, got someone to name a day and someone else to pick a time.  Then he turned to that day and time – Wednesday at 6.00pm – in the current Radio Times (other pointless artefacts of pre-internet life are available) and read out the straplines to seven programmes that were on, thus:

– Mo wins the approval of a group of authors (The Simpsons)
– Billy’s life hangs in the balance  (Home & Away)
– Gina makes a gruesome discovery (Heartbeat)
– Harold prepares to become a father (Steptoe and Son)
– Penny plans a surprise party (The Big Bang Theory)
– The Dream in the Dead House (Stories of Bram Stoker)
– The Outcome of the US presidential race (Rich Hall on BBC R4) 

We were then told to pick a strapline and write a fresh story from scratch using that brief description as a starting point.

Because I am an inveterate show-off, the story I wrote – Seamus Android – contains all seven.


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