Piercing the Vale


For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been looking at these two books in Waterstones.  They seemed to be calling to me.  They were called Mostly Void, Partly Stars and The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe, and they looked like they were just my kind of thing.  But they weren’t cheap, and every so often I would pick one up, notice that it was based on a podcast, and put it down, resolving to catch the podcast before parting with actual moneys.

So I listened to Welcome to Night Vale, and it was fantastic.  And I bought the books.

Then I remembered that I write for a horror website, and I asked The Slaughtered Bird if I could do an article on Night Vale, and they were happy to agree.  Then I wrote to Night Vale themselves, and bugger me, they agreed.  So the headline actor, Cecil Baldwin, very kindly wasted an hour chatting to me on Skype, and I wrote it all down here.

Which was pretty cool.


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