Sporting with Aunty

Yesterday was Doctor Who’s birthday and, to celebrate, a newly-reconstructed version of missing serial Shada was released by the BBC. As Designated Media Gimp for DWAS I did fifteen radio interviews with various local BBC radio stations this afternoon, saying basically the same phrases fifteen times to a variety of regional accents.

My reward for putting up with this nonsense* was that tonight I got to go on BBC News – not Sky this time, the REAL news – and chat about the release.

Two things about this recording:

1) I have no idea what the reporter is talking about right at the start, but I kept it in because I like to imagine she’s killed another presenter and hidden her in the Broom Cupboard with the corpse of Gordon the Gopher.

2) When I got on to Skype the assistant asked me if the Paul Kidby Death behind me was freestanding.  “Yes,” I said, “shall I get rid of him?”  The assistant said he’d speak to the director.  When he got back to me he said “Can you bring it closer so we can see it?”

*I jest, it was really good fun


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