Ou Sont Les Neiges D’Antan?


For the Christmas edition of Celestial Toyroom, DWAS committee members were asked to provide their childhood memories of Christmas Day and Doctor Who.  This is the memory Erica provided, as written down into syllables by me.

If the text above proves too difficult to read, it’s reproduced here by the magic of ones and zeroes.

Strickson’s Choice



Mark Strickson has been a mate of Erica’s for decades, so when we started writing for Celestial Toyroom he was an obvious choice to beg an interview from.

Look at that rubbish title! I wanted to call it “Strickson’s Choice” because it mentions him choosing to leave Doctor Who, but the powers that be decided “Interview: Mark Strickson” was snappier.

Text reproduced in a distant corner of the blogosphere for ease of reading.

Guard, on Guard



Because she puts her own charity conventions together, Erica gets to know a lot of the actors who have appeared in Doctor Who.  Here she is in conversation with Chris Guard, who also appeared in all-time classic genius series I, Claudius.

For ease of reading, the text is reproduced in its own little demesne of the internet here.

And So It Begins




Erica’s on the committee of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society and they’ve asked us to start contributing to their monthly members’ magazine, the Celestial Toyroom.

This is our first contribution. It’s a joint effort, being Erica’s recollections of the fan convention life as written down on paper by me.

If you’re having trouble reading the version above, the full text is available in modern all-legible format here.

Who at The Hilbre 2014

Erica, my wife, has produced about ten Doctor Who conventions under the aegis of her production name, Fanslikeus.  For the past couple of years they’ve been at The Hilbre pub in West Kirby, where we live.  Any proceeds go to cancer charities following Erica’s mum having her own brush with cancer a while back (all going well so far).

This is the write-up we got in the local press.  Incidentally, the way this worked is that they sent a photographer down and asked me to write the copy, which they then cut to length.  They cut out some nasty remark I made likening the local council to the Daleks, but Erica got on the front cover so I didn’t complain too bitterly.

They’re Words and They Rhyme


I do not own laburnums bred and arched
And forced and bent and formed to formal terraces;
No ramrod rows of roses straight and starched,
Nor ancient groves coralled at England’s genesis.
Such regiments of nature seem to me
No testament to nature’s true imperatives –
Give me a leafy mess where bumbles be
With at its heart a bright, imperfect clematis.