Surprisingly Soulful


The second Diddly Dum Podcast with reviews of the new series is up – we review Thin Ice and Knock Knock. Also we review The Capitol and discuss how amazing I was at it. Direct download here if you want it.

Doc, the guy who runs the podcast, and Mark, our colleague (pictured with Daphne Ashbrook, above right) , were at the Capitol this year. Doc informs me that when he saw me onstage he turned to Mark and whispered, “He’s being very…Allan.”

Investing My Capitol


This weekend saw us down in Crawley for the second annual The Capitol convention with the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. I got to interview the wonderful Jon Culshaw live on stage! Hopefully a video is coming soon, if I can ever wrest it from the hands of Keith Barnstormer, videographer extraordinaire and hoarder of footages.

Lack of Control


The Slaughtered Bird offered me a choice of films to review this month and I went for The Control Group because it starred Brad Dourif. I had thought Mr Dourif’s career post-LOTR might have advanced to the point where he didn’t have to sully himself with this sort of nonsensical bullshit anymore, but there we are.

There isn’t even a control group in it. Top tip for aspiring screenwriters: if you don’t know what something is, don’t name your bloody film after it.