The Last Regenerations


The morass of text residing here (click the link if the above scan’s too hard to read) was a look back at the Regenerations convention which, in September last year, I somehow got strong-armed into going to for my honeymoon. At the time that excellent convention  was supposedly going to be the last one of its ilk. Thankfully, the organiser – our good mate Cary Woodward – subsequently relented and did more.  This article was written for the Celestial Toyroom magazine.


Waiting to Have Written

Sir Terry Pratchett once said that the problem with aspiring writers is that too many of them want to have written.  They’re not interested in putting hours upon hours into sitting with a blank piece of paper and filling it; they just want a shelf of lovely books with their name on the spine, and a succession of J.K. Rowling-sized royalty cheques.

Well, that’s me.  I love words and stories and novels and etymology, and I would love to be a writer, but I’m damned if I can be bothered to put pen to paper.  I’d far rather just…have written.  The closest I get to being a prolific writer is being a prolific reader, damnit.

This site gathers together the few paltry scribblings I have managed to put together over the years.  The plan is to update it roughly once a week while stocks last.

Elmore Leonard once said something to the effect that in order to become a writer you had to write a million words, throw them away, and then start writing.

Welcome to my first million.