As The Light Declined


Owing to some bugger pulling out, I managed to get a piece into the 2017 DWAS Annual. It’s about the Doctor Who episode Ghost Light, and I don’t think it would be wrong-headed or misguided of me in any way to say that it’s the best-written piece you’ll read about Ghost Light in that annual.

What Else?

Another review for Cosmic Masque, this time of J R Southall’s mammoth and wide-ranging You and Who Else.  This was published to raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust and is also a nostalgia tour through much that was great in British 70s telly.

As the rules state, the full review text is on a separate page, where it may be legible.

Picture That

This is the third of my reviews for the first edition of the new, digital Cosmic Masque. It was for Robert Banks Stewart’s ninth or twentieth volume of memoirs, To Put You In The Picture, which I scoured more or less in vain for any Doctor Who-related content.  I did get a great last line out of it though.

The text is reproduced here in case you feel like reading it instead of just staring at the patterns it makes.