Cetshwayo v Mr Bubbles


Following a surprisingly precise period of absence, here is the penultimate Diddly Dum podcast of this year’s Doctor Who series. We discuss the latest two episodes, Zulu on Mars and The Rubbish One About Celts. This fortnight’s hideous secret is that all of Hayden’s bits were taped later because he was too busy norking about in the sunshine with his girlfriend and pretending his Skype was broken.

Direct download occurs here.

Plato’s Androzani


I get quoted in the names of two Diddly Dums in a row! Hahaha I am winning (Mark and I have a friendly rivalry that only exists in my head and Mark doesn’t know about).  This fortnight’s podcast which I totally named with my brilliant naming skills can be found here at the Diddly Dum website or can be directly downloaded here.

Surprisingly Soulful


The second Diddly Dum Podcast with reviews of the new series is up – we review Thin Ice and Knock Knock. Also we review The Capitol and discuss how amazing I was at it. Direct download here if you want it.

Doc, the guy who runs the podcast, and Mark, our colleague (pictured with Daphne Ashbrook, above right) , were at the Capitol this year. Doc informs me that when he saw me onstage he turned to Mark and whispered, “He’s being very…Allan.”